The Starting Point

Learning To Work Exclusively By Referral

How To Make More Money AND Work Fewer Hours By Getting REFERRED To All Your Sellers

The TRUTH about succeeding as an Estate Agent and never struggling again to secure sole mandates

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"Steve’s system has changed my life. I don’t do show-houses any more. I work exclusively by referral. I can even take time off my business and people wait for me to get back. The last time I went on holiday I returned to 7 referrals waiting for me to get going with. It’s an awesome, awesome program!"

— Zarita Pinter (Realtor® of Excellence)

"As a direct result of one of these referral strategies I generated 43 referrals leading to 5 sales and 10 listings and ended up getting my business in the local press! With Steven’s system you spend 100% of your time and well-earned money working only by referral, and you are not the typical estate agent any more."

Trish Sutton (RE/MAX Midlands)

“After 12 months on this program I now predictably receive 25 - 35 referrals per month. From 3 - 5 January, normally a slow time, I picked up five exclusive listings from people on my database. Many of them wanted to start the transaction while I was away in December but were willing to wait until I got back!”

— Leigh de Wet (Harcourts Select)

"Thanks to this system I have 8 listings at the moment and have had to double the size of my adverts! I have never had so much stock in my real estate career."

Daleen van der Linde (Linprop Realty)

"One week after sending out my first value items I received 6 referrals and within the next two weeks I sold 3 houses."

— Benita Basson (Acutts)

"With my first 31 calls using the Database Primer Dialogue I got six quality referrals which gave me two new developments to sell, three residential listings and one residential sale! I am thrilled and I can see that the program is really working!"

— Zanna (Kayaramina Properties)