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B-list coaching series - Ch. 3 of 13 (Your Newsletter)

Once you have built your B-List the next question is: "How should I communicate with these people?" Well, thankfully the research on this has been done. YOU NEED TO 'TOUCH' THEM 12 TIMES PER YEAR. And the best way of doing that in a high-value way, in a way which...


B-list coaching series - Ch. 2 of 13 (How to build your B-List)

Today I want to discuss how to build a B-List. Where do these people come from? I am also going to address a fundamental networking skill that will enable you to turn anyone you meet into a warm and willing participant in your B-List communication strategy. Here we go... I...


B-list coaching series - Ch. 1 of 13 (Introduction)

WELCOME TO THIS FREE E-COACHING VIDEO SERIES! Throughout the next few weeks I will lead real estate agents step-by-step through the process of establishing a fruitful, lead-generating, B-List strategy. In this first video I introduce the series, and answer two important questions up...


I hope YOU get an e-mail like this in 2017

It's amazing how the right words from the right people can edify, exhort and comfort at just the right time. As you probably know, I'm conducting a global survey of real estate agents at the moment. I think there's HUGE potential in the project to raise the tide and 'lift all our...


The hidden benefit of working by referral

75 years ago a study of 724 men began in an effort to find out exactly what keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? 60 of the men are still actively engaged in what has become the longest adult development study in history. AND THIER MAJOR DISCOVERY WILL AMAZE YOU. AT LEAST, IT...


Solving the 'busyness' dilemma

One of the comments in my global survey of real estate agents went like this: "My biggest questions is, how do you implement a system and have it work when you are super busy with doing the day to day sales?" This is truly one of THE BIG questions in real estate. This question came, in fact,...