Why your clients' experience with you matters, and how to make it truly great.

Technique #3 of 6
WOW! Your Clients With Little Touches Of Service Throughout The Transaction.

Understand that the biggest reason your clients will refer you is that you provided them with exceptional service.

Now, as I’ll show you in the Successful Real Estate Agent e-Seminar, service excellence on its own is not enough — you have to have a referral generating system as well.

But without the service excellence “it ain’t gonna work!”

Understand this principle:

I’d like you to think about a home (your own) that you bought or sold more than five years ago.

Got it?

Who was the agent who sold you that home? Do you remember him/her?

See the face?

Okay, now, do you remember anything outstanding about him/her which he/she did by way of customer service?

(I commonly ask my audiences that questions and predictably it’s only about 10% of people who can remember something about their real estate agent. It turns out that 90% of real estate agents are not memorable!)

But, if you can remember something I’d be willing to bet that it was something small, something inexpensive. I know that because here is what makes things memorable:

I’m going to suggest an exercise to you. Make a long list of the normal stages and tasks of a transaction, a “transaction timeline,” from the initial listing presentation all the way through to the new buyer moving in. Don’t miss out any significant moment, paperwork, approval, meeting, conversation, decision, process conclusion, etc.

Now, next to each point, brainstorm (do it with your team if you have one) three clever customer service ideas which the client will experience as being bothunexpected and unnecessary.

Don’t worry, you won’t do them all!

Here's what I suggest: When you have found three service ideas that work for you, create a system that ensures you do them on every transaction.

For example:

  1. At the first “show house”/“open house” give the family free movie tickets so that they don’t have to find somewhere to mill around.
  2. When the mortgage/bond is approved drop a note with a bag of chocolate gold coins with it, saying, “So pleased at today’s news! We’re in the money and one big step closer to..." (their emotional want/need)
  3. On the day the new buyer moves in, fill the house with flowers and leave a pot of hot tea on the kitchen counter with a note.

I'm sure you hate those ideas! Great. Come up with your own three things once you've looked through your "timeline". Then do those three things on every transaction.

Your greatest asset in real estate is that most of the competition don’t do these sorts of things. You’re giving people a reason to talk about you. Don’t worry about the extra bit of expense this represents to you. It will pay huge dividends down the track in referrals if you have a system to keep in touch with them in the months and years following the transaction.

Next up: technique #4. This one's all about giving people you undivided attention.

Until then...

Steven Johnstone