Why your clients' experience with you matters, and how to make it truly great.

Technique #6 of 6
Maintain Constant Communication Throughout The Transaction

This one is pretty simple:

We have to remember that these people don’t buy and sell homes for a living. A lot of the time they’re clueless about mortgage stipulations and escrows and legal documents and deeds of sale and registration processes, and all the other wonderful things you seem to spend your life sorting out.

For them this is a scary process filled with unanswered questions and they need you to constantly be reassuring them, updating them on the process and encouraging them that all is well.

In South Africa estate agents are infamous for dropping off the face of the earth after the signed Offer to Purchase gets sent off to the conveyancing attorney. But this is a crucial time to stay in touch, keep your client informed and at ease, and thereby keep yourself moving down the “know, like, trust” continuum with them.

My recommendation is that you diarize a weekly phone call to all current clients.
If there's no news then an e-mail or a text saying so still goes a long way to building their trust, which in turn will lead to more referrals in time to come.

So how good have you been in past transactions with keeping in touch with your client, reassuring him/her about the ongoing process?


I hope that the techniques I’ve discussed in this little series have made sense to you, and that you can see how you can use them in your own business to become more successful.

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If I may borrow a question I learned from Gary Keller (of Keller Williams), ask yourself:

Do you have enough leads consistently coming into your business that if you just closed them like you should you'd be reaching your goals?

If your answer is no, then Gary Keller’s advice is to “put everything else on hold and go and get more leads.”

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Steven Johnstone