Why your clients' experience with you matters, and how to make it truly great.

Technique #5 of 6
Keep The Experience Pleasant At All Times

Always remember this:

It seems that only doctors and school teachers can get away with being rude to their clients!

Anyway, the point is not so much that if you're 'a little scratchy' with clients you won’t list and sell a few people’s homes. The problem is that when the transaction has finished they won’t refer you to anyone.

Getting referrals is directly proportional to how well we transition clients from knowing us, to liking us to trusting us.

Now let me ask you a pointed question...

Do people like you?

Do your clients like you? Are you a gracious, fun and enjoyable person to be around. Or are you a bit haughty, a little passive-aggressive with your clients? Because Real Estate Agents can be! We can also be tremendously supercilious. That's a good word, go look it up if need to.

The temptation is always to have our eyes on the money and not on the relationship. And of course the irony is that if you look after your relationships in real estate for 10, 15, 20 years you’ll make more money than most, and you’ll enjoy yourself too.

I challenge you to rate yourself out of 10 on the following:

  • I never lose my temper in front of a client: _____
  • I smile a lot (without being weird): _____
  • On the whole I am patient with all: _____
  • I am always polite: _____
  • I always treat my clients with respect: _____
  • I never interrupt my clients when they're talking: _____
  • There is always humour in our relationships: _____

We'll wrap this little series on Service Excellence up in our next e-mail.

Have a super day!

Steven Johnstone