Why your clients' experience with you matters, and how to make it truly great.

Technique #4 of 6
Give Your Clients Your Undivided Attention.

A huge poll done by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) throughout the United States revealed what our customers want:

Point 3 (about trust) is the main benefit of working by referral. If you have been referred to Mrs Edwards she already feels like she can trust you because her friend Mr Jones used you and he raved about you! It is this part of the process of building a real estate business (knowing how to generate a steady stream of warm referrals) that I teach in my Successful Real Estate Agent e-Seminar.

Point 2 above is what we spoke about earlier in Service Excellence Imperative #1 (asking questions and listening).

But let me remark briefly on Point 1 (clients’ wanting you undivided attention):

There are two categories in which you should be thinking about this:

  1. When you are not with your clients, and...
  2. When you are with your clients.

When you are not with your clients, you must maintain contact with them, and if they try to get hold of you, leave a message or send an e-mail, you must get back to them sharply. More on this under Imperative #6 below.

But the one we probably speak too little about is giving your clients you attention when you are (physically) with them. The biggest enemy of giving your clients your undivided attention is your……

…can you guess?…

Yes! Your mobile phone! Switch it off or onto silent when you are with a client.

As a real estate agent you make a lot of money in a single transaction. You’re not just making a few bucks selling plastic widgets! Given how much you make on a transaction (how much your clients are paying you) and given how important this transaction is for most people, don't you agree that you have no right to ask them to wait while you take a call from someone else, or check a WhatsApp, e-mail or text message?

Then another major issue in this regard is eye-contact. Don’t overdo it though - it can get very weird if it turns into the death-stare! But don’t be looking all around the place, over your shoulder, over their shoulder, when they’re talking to you. I’ve seen people so bad at this that you think they're running from the FBI. When you are with your clients, be with your clients. Give them your attention, and look them in the eye.
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Steven Johnstone