Hey everyone

I'm super excited about a new series we're starting today!

And this one is going to be very special because I'm going to let you inside my Successful Real Estate Agent seminar!

That's right! In the next four blog posts I'm going to let my inner-circle blog community watch one of the 12 modules of my e-seminar... FOR FREE.

Here's what you're going to learn:

What I’m going to teach you is how to respond when you receive a referral from someone.

Generating a steady stream of referrals is one thing, but knowing how to respond when you do receive a referral is equally as important.

So many estate agents make errors at this point, and I believe there are four major strategies, four simple “Keys” you might say, to responding to referrals in a way that will accelerate your business.

Video #1 will arrive in the next couple of days. It's entitled:

👥 Responding To Referrals Correctly
(Email #1 of 4: Teaching People How To Refer)

I trust this series will be a blessing to you!

Steven Johnstone