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This is the last of the 4 techniques in our series on responding to referrals.

Today we'll discuss the important topic of providing feedback to your Advocates after they've referred you to someone.

Towards the end of this video, I'll pass on a brilliant little technique I learned from Joe Stumpf... don't miss that!

4 simple techniques that maximize that moment you're referred

Technique #4 of 4
Giving Referral Feedback

So let's recap.

When you get a referral, here's your immediate list of to-do's:

  1. Teach your Advocate HOW to refer you (make sure the prospect is expecting your call).
  2. Immediately send a handwritten note together with a gift voucher to your Advocate, thanking them for their support.
  3. Scour your database to see if there is another person you could ask to call the prospect and endorse the referral (what I call "Double-Impacting" a referral)
  4. Provide constant feedback to the Advocate as the relationship with the prospect unfolds.

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Steven Johnstone