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A letter from Steven Johnstone

Dear current or potential Vitality member

HERE'S A FACT: People who are not Discovery Vitality members AND, actually, most Vitality members themselves are leaving thousands of Rands worth of benefits on the table - simply because they don’t really know how to “work the Vitality system.”

Maybe that describes you…?

* Are you a member of Discovery’s Vitality program but you want to learn to maximise your cash backs, and all the benefits & discounts?
* Are you frustrated by a feeling that you’re probably not taking full advantage of your Vitality membership?
* And would you like to get your Discovery product (your medical aid or your life insurance) to pay for itself through learning how to work the Vitality system?

Does that describe you?

OR... Are you perhaps NOT a Discovery client or Vitality member, but you would be if you felt like you had the inside track on how to get all the benefits of the Vitality system working for you quickly?

The truth is the more homework you do on the Vitality program, the more you realise how phenomenal it is.

And it’s not just that you can make and save 10's of thousands of Rands every year by working the Vitality system properly (which you can do, and which is, of course, fantastic) but it’s not just about the money. Listen to this:

According to Hilton Tarrant, one of the writers at Moneyweb, research done by Discovery earlier this year showed that the average life expectancy of Vitality members is 81 years, versus only 67 for those who are insured with Discovery but not on the Vitality program and only 63 for the broader South African population.

That is phenomenal!
    • If you’re a Discovery client who is NOT a Vitality member, by joining Vitality and getting active you increase your life expectancy by 14 years.
    • And if you’re not a Discovery client at all, by becoming one and joining Vitality you increase your life expectancy by about 18 years!

Now, I don’t know about you but to me that sounds like a long time!

And for each one of those years you could be making and saving 10’s of thousands of Rands extra if you just understood how to work the system.

So the Vitality programme has been an unprecedented success, and for that reason it’s now been exported to 14 other countries through partnerships with other insurance companies and Discovery’s publicly stated ambition for 2018 was to make 10 million people healthier.

So if in fact you can make and save 10’s of thousands of Rands every year through Vitality... why hasn't it happened for you yet?

And for some of you, you may even be willing to admit that you have heard before that it is possible to make and save that kind of money each year by working the Vitality system properly, and maybe this isn't the first time you've tried to find the answers for how to do it.

When you read this letter to the end you're going to discover exactly, step-by-step, how to make and save 10's of thousands of Rands every year by working the Vitality system properly.


My name is Steven Johnstone, I’m a South African businessman, I run an e-learning company in the real estate sector (if Private Property can be trusted, they describe me as "SA’s leading real estate trainer"), but not too long ago I was just like you...

Let me tell you a quick story...

We’ve been clueless Vitality members in the past.

A number of years ago my wife and I had our medical aid with Discovery and we joined the Vitality program with stars in our eyes expecting all of these wonderful benefits, but we never really knew how to work the system and so we never did access many of the benefits - all the while paying the monthly membership fee, of course.

And numerous times, normally after seeing an advert or speaking to someone who’d just got some awesome cash-back or discount, I found myself struggling to understand what the benefits of Vitality were and how to access them all.

Anyway, we ended up moving away from Discovery and getting off the Vitality program never really having figured it out.


And then about a year ago, because one of my teenage daughters was desperate to join the gym, we thought we’d give it another try and we got onto the Vitality program for the second time - and here we were now on it again and sure enough I started to get more and more frustrated.

You see, I was now trying to get in on the Vitality “action" but after all the hype of joining again had passed, I did the maths on what we were spending on our Discovery products and our Vitality membership each month and I compared that with what little benefit we were getting from Vitality, and I realised that once again I could not justify our Vitality membership.

I just couldn't understand how all the benefits, discounts, cash-back bonuses and incentives actually worked - it was just like a big, black box to me.

As you can imagine, I was even more frustrated this time round, but I wasn't ready to give up on this idea of being one of the few Vitality members who actually knows how to set up and enjoy all the benefits.


The problem I had was that:

* I didn't know how to make and save 10's of thousands of Rands every year by working the Vitality system properly…
* But I felt like a fool because this was now the second time we had joined.

And that's when I knew I HAD to make a change...

Initially I had signed us all up at the gym on the Vitality discount. But after a while I realised that half the family members actually never went to the gym, and I did the maths on it and it turns out that the gym (as we were using it) was nowhere near enough to justify being on the Vitality program.

I then tried a brief visit or two to Discovery's website to try to learn more about the other benefits, but that just left me more confused than I was before - it was overwhelming!

And that’s when it happened.


I spent new year’s eve with a great mate of mine who is a Diamond status Vitality member, and I sat him down and I told him to explain to me HOW he had done it, and what the main benefits to him were, and that conversation changed everything for me.

It wasn’t so much what he told me that made the difference. It was more the fact that that conversation boosted my confidence that actually if I took the time to do my homework I COULD figure this thing out - that it wasn’t as hard and obstructive as I had always felt it was.

In fact, here's a copy of the statement he'd just received from Vitality for the previous year's benefits:

(Actually, as we've learned you can make and save MUCH more that that!)

Anyway, so that was when I finally decided to work through the whole of Discovery's website systematically and patiently, with the idea of building a step-by-step action plan for myself which I could then use to progressively implement every single Vitality benefit. And guess what?

This time it worked!

And that's when I realized the mental block that this had been for me! I was failing because I had always thought that this whole thing was just be too complicated and that maximising one’s Vitality membership was for other people, not me. And with that kind of mental roadblock, no wonder I had never got anywhere.

For years I had chosen to hold the view that Vitality was just too complicated and that it would take too long to organize it all, and it was only when I finally got so frustrated by not enjoying all the benefits that I was then finally able to break out of those mental chains and get the results I wanted!

Now, if I may address you for a second, the real problem here is that you probably do not have the time to trawl through Discovery's website, and make countless phone calls to their call centre, like I had to do, in order to build for yourself a step-by-step plan for maximising your Vitality membership.

Am I right?

You just don’t have the time to do that.

And it’s keeping you from making and saving 10's of thousands of Rands every year by working the Vitality system properly!

So, once I had turned this corner I could then devote myself to researching and planning my Vitality membership - and I soon realised that I would only ever have to do this ONCE, and then I'd never have to do it again - I could then just use the same step-by-step procedure every year to activate the various things, and tick a few of the right boxes, to maximise all the cash-backs and bonuses for the whole year.

AND I began to realise that I could teach other people how to do it too, so that they don't have to go and research the whole thing like I did.

So I began doing my homework.

The research took what seemed like forever but to a large extent I now understand how all the various pieces of the Vitality program work. I have used what I discovered personally to be able to:

* "Work the system" in the perfect way so that with very little time and effort each year I will now receive 10's of thousands of Rands worth of cash-back, bonuses, discounts and freebies through our Vitality membership!
* I discovered how to spend the least amount of money possible to qualify for all the Vitality benefits
* And I learned how to benefit from 90% of the Vitality incentives REGARDLESS OF OUR VITALITY STATUS. So whether you’re Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond - you can still benefit from many of the incentives.

And best of all I can now teach anyone how to make and save 10's of thousands of Rands every year by working the system properly, and how to do it really FAST!

I didn't fully realize the power of what I was building when I put together this simple, step-by-step plan for myself - but now we’ve seen that it simplifies the process for anyone to make and save 10's of thousands of Rands every year by working the Vitality system properly, it teaches you to maximise your cash-back bonuses, it gives you access to several huge discounts…

…and it’s actually meant that we get our Discovery products to pay for themselves and more - all from learning how to work the Vitality system!

And that's why I created a video-based online learning course called "Vitality The Easy Way".

This took 6 solid months of painstaking research to create, and scores of phone calls to Vitality's helpline, and it cost me 100's of hours worth of my own company's time and money. But it was totally worth it!

It makes unpacking the complexity of the Vitality program (and building a simple, step-by-step action plan that ANYONE can follow) so much easier!

What took me months of labourious research, I can now get done in just a few hours each year, and I can teach you to do the same.

In fact, here's just a sample of what you'll get...

* The course will help you understand how all the Vitality benefits work so you can begin activating the various bonuses and boosters immediately, which can add up to 10’s of thousands of Rands.

* You’ll get given a simple, step-by-step implementation plan for getting yourself up and running with Vitality so you can spend virtually no time at all having to figure it all out.

* You’ll learn the "insider secrets" to what's not actually necessary so you can save yourself the time, and stress and expense of doing irrelevant tasks (which, as you will learn, there is a danger of in the Vitality scheme).

* You will learn what the five major benefits of Vitality membership REALLY are and how to access them easily so that you can quickly start earning loads of cash-back, discounts, freebies and bonuses without missing anything out, AND without having to spend huge amounts of time and money.

* And you will be given lifetime access, year after year, to unlocking the full benefits of Vitality.

The course comes in the form of a series of short, clear training videos that lead you step-by-step through the process so you can go through the course at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home, building your benefits incrementally as you go, without feeling like you've got to do it all at one time - you do it at your own pace.

And this isn’t just a theory anymore. Within six months of all my research I had completely understood and maximised all the benefits - we're now Gold members, and we make multiple times more money than our Discovery Life Insurance and Vitality membership cost us combined.

But, before you get started, let me ask you a question...

Would you like to get access to "Vitality The Easy Way"?

For less than the cash-back you'll get in your first month you can get access to everything inside of “Vitality The Easy Way”.

Now, while it’s impossible to show you ALL of the benefits of the course, I want to show you some of the things that you'll experience as soon as you're on the inside.

** There are 25 short, sequential video tutorials leading you step-by-step through the whole process

** The way it’s built is that you will complete a simple task after each video, before moving onto the next one.

    • This is great because it means you don’t have to memorise everything you’re watching, and the process never feels overwhelming.
    • You simply watch the 5 or 10 min video, and then go and do what I tell you to do on it.
    • When that’s complete you can then move onto the next video in your own time.
    • That way you can build your benefits as fast or as slow as you can handle.

** Attached with each lesson, there is a clear and simple "homework sheet" which you can print which gives you the instructions for implementing what you’ve just seen on the video

** And because this is an online learning course, once you’ve invested in it you have lifetime access to it, and we will try to keep it updated as best we can after Vitality make their changes each year

The course costs R1500
...which is actually ridiculous given that you’ll probably make this back in the first month in which you’ll activate the Vitality cash-backs, bonuses and discounts we'll show you how to access.

ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION: If the only thing this course did was to show you how to be one of the few Vitality members who actually knows how to set up and enjoy all the benefits, would it be worth it?

If all this did was help you stop wasting your money on Vitality (OR stop delaying your move to Discovery because you think you can't figure out how Vitality works), would it be worth it?

Of course it would! Because besides the 10’s of thousands of Rands of benefit, you will finally be free from that nagging sense of missing out on all these Vitality benefits that other people seem to know how to get.

Now, do you want some even better news?

I'm not going to charge you R1500.

I’ve got a little piece of software on this website which enables you to share a post on your Facebook page about the Vitality The Easy Way course. And if you’re willing to do that in the next few minutes, I’m going to give you a 50% discount! Check the countdown timer on this page to see how long you have left to get this discount.

So, if you do the Facebook post, you’re only going to pay R750 (which is a steal!)…

AND I'm going to take on all the risk, because I’m going to give you my "30-day, No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee”!

And YES that means that if Vitality The Easy Way doesn't show you exactly how to maximise your cash backs and discounts...

...if it doesn't take you by the hand, step-by-step to take full advantage of your Vitality membership...

...or if it fails to help you get your Discovery product to virtually pay for itself through learning how to work the Vitality system...

...then you will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!

But…. you must act now because... probably only have about 30 minutes left to get this 50% discount, then it's gone forever - just check the count-down timer below to see how much time you have left.

Vitality offers so much value that you are losing thousands of Rands every month if you're either not a member or you're not maximising your membership.

And to be honest, you know what we're like as emotional, web-surfing consumers -- if you don't act now, after you leave this page (especially because you’ll lose the 50% discount in the next few minutes) you will more than likely forget about this whole thing and your chance will be lost.

And you won’t have access to this 50% discount again.

I want you to imagine just for a second what it would be like to know how to make and save 10's of thousands of Rands every year by working the Vitality system properly!

Well, if you’d like to go ahead and invest in the course all you’ve got to do is click that discounted “ENROLL IN COURSE” button below and you’re in.

For those of you who are already signing up, this is what's going to happen next:

  1. After you’ve clicked that button the system will lead you through a simple process to do the Facebook share
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Now, I have a WARNING for you:

Let's be honest: If you pass on this offer, will you succeed with maximising your Vitality Membership on your own? Probably not!

You'll just stay a little frustrated and confused, and you’ll probably never figure out how to make and save 10's of thousands of Rands every year by working the Vitality system properly!

What most of us need is clear, step-by-step instructions and encouragement from someone who has successfully "been there and done that!" with their Vitality Membership.

SO, get this Home study course NOW and get the Vitality Membership success you want!

Let me finish then by reminding you what you're going to get with "Vitality The Easy Way":

* 25 short, sequential video tutorials leading you step-by-step through the whole process,
* A clear and simple "homework sheet" for implementation after each video
* Lifetime access to this online learning course
* And if you do the Facebook share in the next few minutes you’ll also get a 50% discount which means you’ll only pay R750, instead of the normal R1500

I’m willing to bet that never before have you had such a unique opportunity to have someone take you by the hand and help you with how to make and save 10's of thousands of Rands every year by working the Vitality system properly!

Just click that discounted “ENROLL IN COURSE” button below, and I’ll see you in the course


Steven Johnstone

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