Responding to Referrals (e-book)

The four cardinal errors agents make when they get a referral - and how to avoid them

Dear real estate professional

When you've done all the hard work to actually get a referral, the worst thing you can do is mess it up by responding incorrectly!

There are four cardinals sins that many agents commit when responding to a referred lead. In this e-book I'll teach you what these four things are, and how, by avoiding them, you can:

  • increase your listing-presentation conversion rate,
  • multiply your lead-to-deal success rate
  • cultivate multiple and on-going referrals from individual people (how to cultivate people who've given ONE referral into people who'll give you ENDLESS referrals!)

This short training booklet carries within it secret techniques which are time-proven - it'll take you less than 30 minutes to read but can change the course of your real estate career!

Enjoy the book!

- Steven


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Steven Johnstone
Steven Johnstone

Steven is recognised as one of the top real estate trainers in the world today.

After building South Africa's largest real estate training & one-on-one coaching company, he spent 8 years in the non-profit and ministry worlds. He now brings his legendary referral system to a new era of real estate agents open to the world of online learning!

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